WARNING: The video contains graphic images some that some could find upsetting.

LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – The Lufkin Police Department released a video that shows the violent confrontation during which a Lufkin man stabbed his mother to death and stabbed a police officer.

The video, which at times is disturbing, includes footage from a store surveillance camera and the body camera of one of the responding officers.

In the video, shot inside Lucky’s Convenience Store on Jan. 15, 26-year-old son Alejandro Sanabria is seen wearing a yellow hoodie is seen grabbing his mother, 48-year-old Martha Hageon, and throwing her to the floor.

Sanabria then appears to be on top of his mother.

The video also shows several Lufkin Police Department officers rushing in and pulling Sanabria off his mother. Sanabria then stabbed officer Gerardo Salinas, 29, in the side.

The police department said that it took four officers to get the knife away from Sanabria, restrain him and get him custody.

Salinas and Hageon were rushed to a Lufkin hospital. Hageon died a few days later. Salinas is at home recovering from his injuries.

Sanabria remains in jail on a $6 million bond. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The police department has said Sanabrina could face additional charges.

The stabbings remains under investigation.