TYLER, Texas (KETK) – When Brittney Cimino heard a loud bang in her home on Stonebridge Way early Monday morning, she couldn’t have imagined it was a car that drove into her living room.

There was the sound of a crash, a sound her son Lincoln describes as similar to a firework. Then, a sinking feeling as she realized her husband, Aramis Cash, was in the room the sound came from.

“I looked over, and it was just sheetrock and brick dust everywhere,” Cimino said. “My husband had fallen asleep on the couch, and there was an SUV that had pushed him into the wall, trapping him between the wall and the couch.”

Cash was sleeping on the couch when he felt a push back. He realized what happened when he was staring into car headlights in his living room.

Cash said the driver immediately pulled out and drove off.

The family is feeling blessed Cash walked away with only minor injuries, needing stiches and crutches. They said the scenario could have been deadly if their 5-year-old son Lincoln was the one sleeping on the couch that moment, as he was just hours before the crash.

“Last night, he was asleep on the couch probably two hours before it happened,” Cimino said.

What is left from the crash is a big hole in their house. A contractor is working on patching it up so they can once again feel safe when they sleep.

“It is looking like this was a deliberate act,” said Larry Christian, Smith County Sheriff’s office public information officer.

Deputies later recovered the vehicle and are questioning the driver who went to a Tyler hospital for treatment of minor injuries he suffered in the crash, Christian said.

The driver could face multiple charges.