TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) – Texarkana Police Department announced that they arrested a man who was allegedly trying to cash a check at a business on New Boston Road, last Thursday.

The man entered the business wearing a yellow vest and tried to cash a check that was identical to a check that another person wearing another yellow vest tried to cash earlier that day, according to Texarkana PD.

Officials said, Officers Austin Butts and Jonathan Price spoke to Jerry Hart and found out that he had multiple felony warrants; they then attempted to arrest him.

According to authorities, Hart attempted to push by them and run away. Butts, Price and detective Jennifer Billingsley supposedly struggled to subdue Hart for several minutes.

They even pepper-sprayed him but, officials said, it had no affect. According to officials, they later found a meth pipe on him.

It wasn’t until an additional three people, Lt. Geoff Lewis, Officer Randy McAdams, and an unnamed citizen intervened that Hart was able to be subdued, according to officials.

During the six on one brawl, several officers received scrapes, bruises and detective Billingsley’s glasses were broken, officials said.

According to authorities, Hart was arrested and taken to Bi-State Jail for forgery, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest with previous convictions, resisting arrest and his bond was set at $52,500. They also said he had warrants for bond surrender for sexual assault, Arkansas parole violation and possession of drugs and guns.

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