TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) – Police saved a woman that they say was trespassing at a local apartment complex after she was found hanging upside down from a window while trying to escape.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Texarkana Police Department responded to a local apartment complex regarding a woman who was trespassing in one of the apartments. After speaking with the manager, police said they went up to the apartment to tell the 57-year-old that she had to leave.

When police arrived, the woman did not want to speak to them and tried to exit the building out of the back window in the apartment. Police said, “unfortunately for her, it was on the second floor of the building, and she quickly found herself outside and hanging upside down from the window by only her leg.”

The release stated that police heard her screaming for help and they rushed to the back room where she tried to make her escape, and were able to grab a hold of her ankle to prevent her from falling to the ground below.

Officials said, “even with her struggling with them the whole time, they somehow managed to hang on to her for more than five minutes until the Texarkana Texas Fire Department could get there with [a] ladder to help get her down.”

The woman did not suffer any severe injuries and wasn’t arrested but was banned from the apartment complex.