TEXARKANA, Texas (KETK) – Several incidents of fake credit card scams have been reported this week to the Texarkana Texas Police Department.

According to TTPD, scammers are able to get away without paying for big ticket items by placing a card with no information on it into the card reader. Since the card has no information, the transaction takes longer than the clerk expects. After a few seconds of waiting, the scammers will tell the cashier that the card has “two-step verification” and that there are instructions on the card for the cashier to follow.

The card is then handed to the clerk and the person tricks them into following the instructions on the back of the card.

“They hand the card to the clerk and trick them into following those instructions – to enter the amount of the transaction and then hit the cash button on the register. What they are unwittingly doing at that point is telling register that the purchase is being paid with cash. However, the clerk now believes that the credit card transaction finally went through and allows the person to leave with the merchandise,” said TTPD in a Facebook post.

The TTPD warns the public that if anyone tries to pay for items or services with a similar card or circumstances, to know that it is going to be a scam