JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – The Jacksonville Police Department is searching for suspect(s) that have been vandalizing windows of businesses with what is presumed to be a BB gun or pellet gun.

The vandals have been nicknamed the ‘BB Gun Bandits’ and have been causing problems for numerous businesses across the city since around Nov. 1, including the Jacksonville Public Library. It has been reported that these vandals strike in the middle of the night, shooting their BB or pellet gun at random businesses along city streets.

Police said that more than 20 windows have been damaged and the total damage costs have stacked up to more than $20,000. It has been reported that the number is now at 25.

According to police intel, even though the suspects are unknown at this time, there are persons of interest. One in particular is a silver Jeep Liberty, which has been captured on video at the scene of one of the vandalism sites.

“Again with this type of crime there’s not really a lot of evidentiary value left after the damage accrues.  We have released a photograph of a silver Jeep Liberty that may be involved,” said Jacksonville Police Chief Joe Williams.

Cherokee County Crime Stoppers are offering a $500 reward for anyone who has information that will lead to an arrest. Police also said that there are individual citizens offering rewards for information on the bandits as well. Those who wish to contact police directly to report information or property damage are encouraged to call investigator Houston Munsinger at (903) 339-3340.

The city of Jacksonville has also advised that residents and business owners inspect their exterior windows daily, as the damage may not be noticeable at a casual glance.

“When you open up please check your store fronts. If there is damage immediately report it. I think some of the damage that has accrued is because it is picking up some steam as far as news worthiness, and people are checking more,” said Williams.