HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – Meth has become a serious issue in East Texas.

“It’s our biggest problem. There’s not even a close second,” said Johnwayne Valdez, the Rusk County Sheriff.

Rusk County has made 104 meth arrests this year. This is the number for possession cases, and it does not include the delivery cases.

According to officials, companies that sell products used to make meth are working to make it harder to get these materials.

However, meth use is still on the rise.

“We’ve got one guy sitting here, and he is on six counts of burglary and thefts,” said Valdez.

The sheriff mentioned most of these drugs are coming from the southern border.

“They’re making it by the kilos. If you look at most of the drug arrests that account across the border it’s meth,” said Valdez.

The drug situation has left local law enforcement feeling helpless.

“They’re coming over here so fast we can’t keep up,” added Valdez.

East Texas attorneys discussed the possible penalties for selling meth.

“The lowest amount of methamphetamine in your possession with intent to deliver, if that’s what you’re asking for it’s at the very least a stage L felony. And, then it goes up depending on the amount from there, up to 20 or more years,” said Robert Davis, from the Flowers Davis Law Firm.

As meth becomes easier to get a hold of, law enforcement are left to respond to an uphill battle.

“We’ve been fighting this war on drugs since I’ve been in my voice which is 1985, and we haven’t won it yet,” said Valdez.

The sheriff also said he is worried this will only get worse, which would cause East Texas jails to reach maximum capacity.