TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Tyler police Saturday are looking for at least five people considered armed and dangerous after a gun fight broke out in the parking lot of a Tyler retail center Friday night leaving one dead and two injured.

No arrests had been made Saturday but police have identified suspects, said Andy Erbaugh, Tyler PD information officer.

“It’s not like we don’t know or have no suspects or no information.” he said. “We are searching for suspects right now, actively. And have a few leads we are following.”

“I would say the people we are looking for are armed and dangerous,” Erbaugh said.

The gun fight occurred about 11:30 p.m. in the parking lot New Orleans Flavors Daiquiris at 3709 Troup Highway after a fight broke out.

At one point several people were running through the parking lot and shooting. Three people were shot including Tylsha Brown, 46, of Katy, who died at UT Health East Texas in Tyler.

Two others —  Jaderick Willis, 21, of Jacksonville, and Jalen Cavitt, 20, of Alabama — were in stable condition at UT Health East Texas on Saturday.

Erbaugh said there was blood both inside and outside the daiquiri shop and that police were still trying to determine where the victims were when they were shot

Officers and detectives believe at least five people opened fire.

“We are looking at multiple, multiple (shooters),” Erbaugh said. “They (investigators) said at least five different types of rounds were found (in the parking lot) which would tell me that there were at least five people shooting.”

 Several shots went into the restaurant and numerous casings were found in the north side of the parking lot, a news release said. Bullet casings were also found scattered throughout the parking lot of Don Benito’s, which is to the north of New Orleans Flavors Daiquiris.

Police believe that a surveillance video will provide more information.

“Right now they are reviewing the video because there is video of this and we will get a lot of information once that video (is looked at). In fact that’s where our officers that are searching are getting a lot of that information is from the video of the incident.”

Officers hope the video will help officers better piece together what happened. “Whether it happened inside and moved outside (or) happened outside, moved inside. That’s something the detectives will found out by looking at the video,” Erbaugh said.

The shooting stemmed from an argument that began in the parking lot.

“People were yelling ‘fight, fight fight,” Erbaugh said. “People were running into New Orleans Daiquiri. Then the shooting started.”

Chaos erupted.

People starting running through the parking lot and firing weapons. Some shots came into the daiquiri shop. The shooters exchanged gun fire as they ran north through the parking lot and at times took cover behind cars.

Police were not sure whether the shooters left in cars are on foot, Erbaugh said at the news conference.

The daiquiri shop was crowded with people when the shooting broke out. Many were attending a birthday party.

Officers have questioned many of the people who were at the daquiri shop, Erbaugh said.