SAN ANTONIO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Authorities have arrested a San Antonio man on a 3rd-degree felony after police say he beat a small dog to death.

On March 16, the Bexar County Sheriffs’ Office received a call reporting Michael Ruperto Uriegas for beating and killing a family member’s dog, Rugers.

Photos of Rugers were shared on the BCSO Facebook page.

Uriegas told authorities during the investigation that he was angry that Rugers had peed on him when he threw the puppy into the kennel.

The 22-year-old man claimed that he then attempted to help the dog when he realized the dog had died, according to BCSO.

During the investigation, a necropsy was performed.

The necropsy reported that there was “blunt force trauma to 5 different areas of Ruger’s body,” stated the release.

On April 11, BCSO deputies issued an arrest warrant for Michael Uriegas’ arrest. He was arrested shortly after.

Uriegas has been charged with Cruelty to Non-livestock Torture/Kill, a 3rd-degree felony.