TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler man agreed to a plea deal that would keep him in prison for the next half-century for murdering his girlfriend and stuffing her body in a trunk at a motel last year.

Johnny Osburn, 40, killed 42-year-old Leslie Gamino by stabbing her several times. Police began to suspect him after her daughter reported her missing.

He was facing a minimum of 25 years behind bars due to two past convictions of crimes in other counties, including for burglary back in 2002.

At a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, Osburn was unwilling to listen to questions from 241st District Judge Jack Skeen during the hearing and wrongly accused his defense attorney Don Davidson of lying to him.

When Skeen was trying to explain the charges against him, Osburn took off the headphones and refused to put them back on. He cursed at Skeen and seemed to take issue with everyone on the Zoom meeting.

I’m not getting confused, I’m getting lied to. I really don’t give a s***… I don’t even want to talk anymore. Y’all do what y’all are going to do, I don’t give a f*** what y’all do.


Osburn refused to come back to the screen and put his headphones on until deputies brought him back. Minutes later, he asked unprompted to prosecutor Heath Chamness what a plea offer was and Chamness said that it would be 50 years in prison. Osburn then yelled out: “Signed!”

Before Osburn’s tirade and hastily accepted plea deal, Davidson had been discussing about having a hearing to withdraw as Osburn’s attorney. In two recent trips to the jail, Osburn was the only inmate out of 24 that refused to meet with him.

Earlier this year, Skeen ordered that Osburn be examined to see if he was competent to stand trial. He was found to be and Davidson did not dispute the findings.