TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler man was sentenced to 35 years in prison after his daughter’s legs had to be amputated following the winter storm when he did not take her to receive medical care.

45-year-old Glenn Caldwell was arrested last year after he kept his mentally disabled daughter from the doctor despite the fact her feet had been bleeding and were swollen and discolored.

Caldwell admitted to police that his daughter had complained about her feet hurting throughout the week and that she even woke him up several times in the middle of the night telling him she was in pain. He also admitted to being aware of his daughter leaving a trail of blood that led from her bedroom to the living room and the bathroom.

The warrant stated that a neighbor even called Caldwell on Feb. 26 saying the girl was “crawling on the ground outside the trailer house.” He told investigators that the pipes had busted in the trailer and their only source of water was a faucet outside the home.

The investigation also revealed that there had been two electric heaters in the home, neither of which were located in the daughter’s room, even though her bedroom had a broken window that allowed cold air in.

In an attempt to keep warm, the girl reportedly slept in the living room and used the electric oven for heat. The window had been missing since the family moved into the trailer on December 1, 2020.

The victim’s feet were amputated on March 2 at UT Health Tyler and the warrant states they were “black, swollen, and bleeding.” When asked why he waited so long to get her held, Caldwell replied he kept “putting it off, and putting it off.”