TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler woman who pleaded guilty on Friday to injury of a child was sentenced to one year deferred adjudication.

Jessica Fowler, 36 of Tyler, who according to an arrest warrant treated a special needs child “like a ragdoll”, was employed as a nighttime nurse for a child who had several medical conditions that need constant and sensitive care.

The warrant said that another nurse noticed the child had not been using their right arm prompting them to check a hidden camera in the home.

According to the warrant, more than 50 clips showed Fowler allegedly tossing the child “like a rag doll” from one side of their crib to the other.

An affidavit said there was also footage where Fowler allegedly tied the child’s arm behind her head that may have left bruising on their left arm.

The case investigator observed clips where Fowler allegedly was “using her phone light to inspect [the child] as though she was looking for any marks or bruising” and “would intentionally turn off the [heart rate] alarm alert on a monitor.”

As a part of her sentence, Fowler will also have to do 100 hours of community service.