TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Tyler police on Saturday were processing a great deal of evidence collected at the site of shootout in a retail center parking lot.

One person was killed and two wounded when several people opened fire in the parking lot of New Orleans Flavors Daiquiris, 3709 Troup Highway about 11:30 p.m. Friday.

At least five shooters exchanged gunfire in front of the business and continued firing as they headed north. No arrests had been made as of Saturday.

“It has been a long time since we have had a shooting like this in a large group of people,” Erbaugh said. “What this is is a few people putting a lot of people in danger and we don’t often have that.”

The parking lot was littered with shell casings and cars with bullet holes, Erbaugh said during a news conference. “You can see there are multiple rounds on the north side of the parking lot where New Orleans Daquiri is. We have rounds all the way into the Braum’s parking lot (to the north),” he said.

“People were running and shooting at multiple people and then into the restaurant itself,” he said.

The department’s major crime investigators were on the scene four hours Friday night and early Saturday.

“The main challenge is to keep track of all the bullets — all of the casings,” Erbaugh said. There is a lot of them and you don’t want to lose any of those because they are valuable evidence. Again it is difficult because we not only have multiple victims, multiple shooters, multiple cars damaged. We have multiple scenes. It can get very complicated for the crime scene investigators and the detectives.

Officers also were questioning dozens of people who were inside the daquiri shop when the shooting broke out.

“Like I said, the business was still quite open,” he said. “There were large birthday parties in there and still families and children in there. Detectives and officers did interview a lot of witnesses. That was very helpful as far as getting suspect information.”

Witnesses have told officers that a fight broke out in the parking lot and then the shooting began.

“I think we are looking at multiple, multiple (shooters),” Erbaugh said. “They (investigators) said at least five different types of rounds were found which would tell me that there were at least five people shooting.”

Investigators are also looking at video from a security camera. Erbaugh said that police have identified suspects.

Police are encouraging anyone with information to contact the Tyler PD at 903-531-1000 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.