TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A woman was found safe in Smith County on Tuesday after authorities reported her to have been kidnapped by her boyfriend and in “grave danger.”

According to his arrest warrant, her boyfriend, identified as Ngosi Williams, 40 of Tyler, punched her two weeks before the incident and had threatened her in the past.

The warrant said the two were living together until they got evicted from the boathouse they were living in, and the woman stayed with a friend “because she is afraid of [Williams].”

The woman began seeing someone else causing the friend she was staying with to get jealous, according to the warrant, and the friend called Williams to tell him where she was.

The warrant said the friend told them “she didn’t know Ngosi was violent or that he would do this,” but said he “had threatened to have her ‘gang raped’ by his friends in the past.”

According to the warrant, Williams showed up to the other man’s house and began banging on his door and calling his name. When he answered the door, the warrant said Williams forced his way through the door.

The other man told detectives, according to the warrant, that he could hear her being hit and screaming “like she was afraid she was going to die” before he reported to hear the trunk of a sedan close and the car drive off.

The woman’s friend later called Williams with a deputy standing next to her and the warrant said “Ngosi answered and sounded calm, [the woman] was crying in the background” and told the friend he wouldn’t tell her where he was and hung up the phone.

The woman was later found that day and Williams was arrested by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force. His bond for aggravated kidnapping was set at $750,000.