TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Two Tyler men have been arrested and five others are being sought by police for allegedly beating one of their friends unconscious and leaving him in a ditch. They allegedly did this because they believed the victim was a “snitch.”

Victor Villegas (Photo: Smith County Sheriff’s Office)

According to an arrest warrant obtained by KETK News, 18-year-old Daymond Gray and 17-year-old Jesus Tinoco are accused of jumping their friend with five other people because he cooperated with police that put another friend behind bars.

KETK News is withholding the name of the victim for privacy reasons.

The warrant alleges that on February 26, Victor Villegas was at the victim’s house because he was dating his sister. The couple began arguing so the victim called police. Officers arrested Villegas at the scene because he already had a warrant out for his arrest.

The documents say that just after midnight on March 15, the victim met with Tinoco and Alexander Villegas, Victor’s brother. They suggested that he go with them to Hillside Park in north Tyler. The warrant stated the following:

“When they arrived, there were several other individuals in the park… they all started hitting him. While they were beating him, they said something about him being a snitch.”

The victim told police that Gray pulled a gun to his head and threatened to shoot him. He then said that Gray hit him in the head with the gun which knocked him out.

When the victim woke up, he had been put in the concrete drainage ditch that is next to the park. His billfold, with $200 inside, had also been taken. He accused the following people of being involved:

  • Daymond Gray
  • Jesus Tinoco
  • Andres Urrutia
  • Alexander Villegas
  • Three other unidentified men

The victim identified Gray in a police line-up of photos because he had only known him for a few weeks. The warrant says that the victim picked him “immediately, without any hesitation… as the one that hit him with the gun.

Police found a security video of the seven men beating him, but it did not show the suspect’s faces.

Two days after the assault, Alexander visited Victor in prison and told him on a recorded phone call that “[the victim] was pistol-whipped.”

That same day, Urrutia also confirmed the robbery on a recorded jail phone call, according to the warrant. He told Villegas that they threw the victim into the ditch. He didn’t want to give any more details “because the phone was recorded.”

While Gray and Tinoco have been charged, there is no arrest record for Urrutia or Alexander Villegas available online. The documents also did not offer potential identities for the other three men at the scene.