TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The trial of William Davis, a former CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances nurse, is in it’s third week.

This trial has been one of the most impactful East Texas murder cases in recent history. Davis was charged with several counts of capital murder.

Monday’s focus was a three-hour-long phone conversation between investigators and Davis.

The call was recorded by Jeff Roberts, a former investigator for the case.

“For my own retention, as I’m going through and dictating reports or even a reflection back as I learn more information in a case to see if there’s any deception,” said Roberts.

Roberts used his training over the years to decipher what information he could get from Davis.

He said that he looks at the truth in details and the things that are being said as well as information that is in his report.

“Right now, I can tell he wants to talk, I can tell I’ve got someone who is just regurgitating information very quickly and so I’m trying to keep him engaged,” said Roberts.

The focus of the call shifted to an incident with Pamela Henderson, a victim who wasn’t in Davis’ care, who Davis claimed another nurse asked him to check Henderson’s fluids.

“I remember waking up and could not raise my head, and I kept saying, how come I can’t raise my head? It just felt like it weighed a ton,” said Henderson.

Henderson survived the alleged attack, but suffered brain damage.

“It went to other parts of my body, I couldn’t raise my arms, I was completely flat,” said Henderson.

Henderson is the only one of Davis’ victims who has taken the stand. She said that she had to start all over after the incident.

Roberts said he learned a lot from the conversation with Davis.

He said that the conversation helped him to get Davis to start talking about what he knows at the hospital and what was potentially going on. Roberts was able to hear Davis’ opinions about what he wanted to say.

The state may rest their case in the coming days, then the defense will get a chance to present their case.