HOUSTON, Texas (KETK) – A woman was killed after she was shot multiple times inside a Texas apartment Wednesday afternoon.

According to our NBC affiliate KPRC, police responded to reports of shots being fired at the Ashford Santa Ana, an apartment complex on the western side of Houston around 4 p.m.

The report states investigators believe they know the motive behind the shooting, but could not share it as of this writing. However, they do not believe it was a domestic incident.

In an interview with KPRC, Sgt. Matthew Brady with the department said officers believe the shooting was not random and the victim likely knew her attacker.

“It was a third-floor apartment. It’s not easy to get to. She opened the door and was expecting someone, and so, I would say the risk to the general public is not there for this right now.” 

Sgt. Matthew Brady, Houston PD

Another woman was inside the apartment and called 911 after the shots were fired. Detectives believe the shooter is in his 30s.