TYLER, Texas (KETK) — An Alba man was charged with murder after police said that he stabbed a man in the chest who then died from his injuries.

Police responded to a stabbing call in the 1900 block of south Sneed Avenue in Tyler on Sunday around 5:16 a.m.

Officials said that during the 911 call, a woman was heard asking for an ambulance and a man was heard asking someone, ‘are you okay?’ According to documents, the woman initially said that someone got shot, but then said that a man was stabbed by Chance Hull.

The victim was identified as Payton Bennett.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hull’s girlfriend said that she, Hull and their 1-year-old son went over to the house on Sneed to hang out with Bennett and his girlfriend. She told police that everything was fine until Hull became upset with her and went out to their car to try to go to sleep.

Hull’s girlfriend told police that she went outside to tell him to go back into the house but they began arguing. According to documents, she said that Hull got in her face outside and she fell down. She told police that Bennett came out of the house to confront Hull for “harming her”, the affidavit stated.

She told police that she went inside, but Bennett wanted to fight Hull, but Hull did not want to fight. According to documents, she told police that her boyfriend, Hull, pulled out a knife and stabbed Bennett. She said that the wound was on his chest.

Hull’s girlfriend had blood on her hands, and she told police that it was from trying to help Bennett, documents said.

Police said that while talking to Bennett’s girlfriend, she appeared to have been intoxicated due to her slurred speech and unsteady walking. They said that she was also upset, appeared to have been crying and had blood on her hands, legs and clothing.

Bennett’s girlfriend told police that she and Hull’s girlfriend are best friends and that the four were hanging out and having drinks. She said that Hull and his girlfriend began arguing. Bennett’s girlfriend said that she told Bennett “how abusive Hull is to (his girlfriend),” and Bennett went outside to confront Hull about being abusive towards his girlfriend, per the affidavit.

According to court documents, there was blood transfer in the street in front of the house as well as personal items such as a wallet, sandals, a remote and other items in the road.

Officials said that Bennett had what appeared to be a single knife wound almost in the middle of his chest.

When police went to arrest Hull, he described Bennett as his “homeboy”, they said. Police noticed that Hull had blood on his hands, but no obvious injuries to his face or hands. Documents said that Hull denied drinking but he admitted to using Xanax and marijuana.

Hull said that during the argument with his girlfriend, he tried to pick her up but accidentally dropped her and he believes that Bennett and his girlfriend saw this, according to the affidavit. He denied ever abusing his girlfriend, police said.

Per the affidavit, Hull told police that when Bennett came out, he did not want to back away from the fight, but he knew that Bennett could “beat him up.” He said that he kept backing away from Bennett and telling him that he did not want to fight, but Bennett would not stop, records state.

Hull said that the two went in circles in the street a few times and that Bennett swung but never actually hit Hull. He told police that he took out his pocketknife to warn Bennett to get him away from him, according to court records, and said at some point he opened his knife and told Bennett he would use it.

Hull said that “the look” in Bennett’s eyes changed, according to the affidavit, and Hull said that one of the times Bennett swung at him, he swung the knife back and that it made contact once in Bennett’s chest.

Bennett said something along the lines of “you really just did that,” and dropped down, according to Hull. Hull then told their girlfriends to call the police and he tried to give aid to Bennett, according to the affidavit.

He confirmed to police that he had the pocket knife used in the stabbing in his pocket when officers arrived on the scene, records state.