Cherokee Co. officials arrest East Texas teen accused of shooting, killing dog in horrific social media video


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – An eight-month search for justice in the torture and killing of a dog on social media is perhaps coming to fruition.

Kimberly Ivonae Diaz, 18, is behind bars in the Cherokee County Jail, arrested on Christmas Eve and charged with one county of cruelty to animals and one county of possession of marijuana.

Diaz is accused of committing a crime that outraged East Texas.

Back in April, KETK brought you the horrific story of an unidentified East Texas girl videoing herself shooting her dog 10 times. The video was posted on Snapchat and Instagram.

She captioned the video “Ten shots and still not dead.”

The video caught the sounds of the dog whimpering in pain. It was later reported that the dog died.

Included with the video was later posts where the girl goes on a profane-laced rant where she says “Some of yall b****** to (sic) sensitive”. She also wrote, “I’m one cold-hearted b****and I don’t give a f***.”

The story evoked outrage across East Texas.

“If you’re shooting a dog 10 times, you’re doing that on purpose to make that dog suffer and that’s just…that’s just horrible,” said one county resident. “I cried. I cried for literally an hour because it was so sad.”

One young woman, however, let her outrage and horror spur her to action.

Madison Zavala saw the video and confronted Diaz in a series of messages. She asked who shot the dog and Diaz confessed that she had done it.

Zavala reported the video and Diaz’s confession to the New Summerfield Police Department.

Zavala and other East Texans infuriated by the video, and by inaction by local officials, kept up public pressure until the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office announced it would be taking up the investigation.

Zavala has been the face of this fight for justice and has taken her cause to social media, where she gained a small army of supporters.

“I didn’t think it would be blowing up, especially so quickly,” she said. “So it actually makes me feel good because I can actually help or do something.”

Now, after what Zavala feels is too long a wait., Diaz is behind bars. She is relieved that justice may finally be done, but still wondering why it has taken so long.

“I would say whenever a town and community or even state is taking action, I feel like law enforcement should, too,” Zavala said. “A lot of us are very happy that she’s locked up because it was an extremely long wait, or so it felt like.”

And to those who have fought with her, Zavala has a simple message.

“Thank you for allowing my post to go viral and helping me, and thank you for waiting with me.”

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