WASHINGTON, D.C. (KETK) – Sen. Ted Cruz hurled criticism at Google while previewing a Senate hearing he would chair on Tuesday dealing with censorship by social media.

“Google is a monopoly. Google may well be the most powerful company on the face of the planet because they have a monopoly on information, on what you know and what I know.” 

Sen. Ted Cruz

Cruz appeared on “Fox and Friends” listing ways he would look to tackle censorship of social media, which conservatives say platforms like Facebook and Twitter are blocking their views.

He noted not that accounts are being deleted, but that their posts are being hidden from followers by algorithms under the guise of preventing hate speech.

“What’s happening is the social media sites are censoring, they’re shadow banning. If they don’t like what you’re saying, they just hide what you’re saying. That is essentially a fraud on the consumer, and they’re deceiving the consumer because they’ve got a political agenda.”

Many argue that censorship is necessary, especially in the day of smartphones and instant streaming.

One of the biggest proponents is Andy Parker. His daughter was gunned down on live television back in 2015.

Her murder was posted on social media and Parker believes that companies like Google and Twitter should be required to keep content like that off their platforms.

Cruz is the chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution and graduated from Harvard Law School.

He worked in the Texas Solicitor General’s Office where he worked on several high-profile cases.

The two biggest successes for him was winning a case that the Supreme Court declared that Washington D.C.’s ban on handguns violated the Second Amendment.

His biggest legal victory for Texas was a Supreme Court win where the Court ruled that a statue of the Ten Commandments could remain on capital grounds.