STAND YOUR GROUND: Flint homeowner shoots burglar who tried to run him over with a stolen car

FLINT, Texas (KETK) – A group of men from the Dallas area made their way to East Texas this weekend in an attempted robbery. According to the Smith County Sheriff’s Office, they were out to steal cars, until that plan went very wrong.

It all started when three men tried to steal a car in Flint when one was shot by the homeowners and ended up arrested.

“Three individuals that apparently want to prey on honest, hardworking individuals,” said Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith. “They came down here from the Metroplex and they got a good East Texas, Northeast Texas welcome.”

17-year-old Kevon McMiller, along with two unidentified men pulled up to a home midnight Saturday when the homeowner noticed their headlights. The homeowner saw the men scoping out his car and scared them off by firing three warning shots with a firearm into the air.

After fleeing, the men realized the street was a dead end, so they returned.

“By this time another neighbor had accompanied the neighbor that fired the shots and he was armed with a shotgun,” said Sheriff Smith. “And about that time, the vehicle without its lights on started speeding towards them coming from the dead-end road and both of them fired.”

Bullets from both guns, strike McMiller, the driver of a stolen vehicle that the three men originally arrived in.

The other two men fled and have yet to be found.

KETK News wanted to find out what your rights are when it comes to your home or car, so we checked in with Randy Roberts of Roberts & Roberts Law Firm in Tyler.

“If someone’s driving a car towards you, you don’t have to figure out whether or not they’re trying to kill you,” said Roberts. “If you have a reasonable belief that they’re trying to do serious, bodily harm to you, you have a right to stand your ground and to shoot them.”

The ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ in Texas allows a person to protect themselves with deadly force as long as that person is somewhere they are supposed to be, like home, their car, work, or anywhere they are technically allowed to be, and they feel like their life has been threatened.