SABINE, Texas (KETK) – At least seven East Texas school districts returned to the classroom today. 

Many schools, students and staff looked forward to the new school year after spending time learning at home. 

Second grader Trevor Hurton and third gradery Arya Johnson shared what they were most excited about on their first day at Sabine Elementary school.

“Well I missed school because the teachers are very nice and if you’re good they might give you candy or let you go to the treasure room,” Trevor said.

Johnson said that she really wanted to learn new things. “I learned a lot last year, but I want to learn more this year,” Johnson said.

Faculty also shared that they were excited to have children and parents back.

Sabine Elementary Counselor, Natalie Johnson said she looked forward to doing things they unable to do last year.

“The parents were actually able to walk [their children] to class for the first day this year, which they weren’t able to do last year, so this morning was so fun seeing all their little faces and everyone was just so happy and excited to be here,” Johnson said.

Teachers and faculty members, like Assistant Principal Carrie Mashburn, are trying to give students a normal experience under these abnormal circumstances of a pandemic. 

“For the upcoming school year we’re doing everything we can to keep their child safe,” Mashburn said.

The children were ready to get out of the house and back in to the classroom.

Fifth grade boys, Cody Hurton and Micah Cox were eager to be back.

“At home you only see your brothers and you never really go out that much because of quarantine and stuff and it’s just good to be back with teachers and friends,” said Cody. 

“Yeah, it’s happy to see your teachers, your friends you can play with them,” Cox said.