HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) — Henderson ISD is moving all classes back into the classroom for the upcoming school year.

The district was hoping to continue using an online platform called ROAR@home, to offer remote classes to some students. However, the state legislature did not continue funding ROAR@home.

“We’ve offered ROAR@home as an option for our students all year to help reduce the
spread of COVID-19, and are planning to offer it in the fall,” Lamb told the school board in

“At this point, we’ve changed our plans and are focusing solely on in-person classes,”
Lamb said.

Plans could change if lawmakers reconsider their decision during a special
session of the legislature.

“If the state looks at it again and chooses to offer funding for students who use remote
learning programs, then the district will look at our options and consider offering it again,”
Lamb said.