LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Longview ISD is awarding more than $5.1 million in incentive pay for achieving teachers, with a few of the highest-performing teachers projected to receive more than $30,000 extra in their December paychecks.

Dr. James Wilcox, Superintendent of Schools, said the goal of the district in starting the program was to maintain our most successful and effective teachers in the regular classroom.

“We’re thrilled with the excellent progress all our teachers and staff are making with students across the entire district. We could not be more excited to see our teachers receive these dollar amounts but our students are the real winners.”

Dr. James Wilcox, Superintendent of Schools.

Dr. James Hockenberry, LISD Assistant Superintendent of District Services, explained that the district utilizes LISD’s aggressive local pay structures and the Longview Incentive For Teachers (LIFT) program, to make this possible for our hard-working education professionals.

“Giving them an actual monetary reward says something else, we couldn’t be more pleased,” said Wilcox.

Chaknequa McBride has worked for LISD for 15 years, receiving the big check of $18,000.

“Having a program like this showing the hard work, long hours, the frustration, tons of frustration, is all worth it,” said Chaknequa McBride, Longview High School teacher.

Incentive bonus distribution will come in “lump sum” disbursement beginning on Friday, Dec. 16th.

Ashlyn Anderson contributed to this report.