LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) — The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation hosted a grant showcase Thursday evening so teachers could showcase the innovative projects they have been able to use in the classroom with grant money.

The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation raised over $60,000 for grants last year. Morgan Watson, the executive director of Lufkin ISD Education Foundation shared that the teachers are a huge part contributing to donations. “Teachers alone were able to raise $60,000 and so we couldn’t do it without them,” said Watson.

The money will go towards students from Pre-K all the way to seniors in high school. “It’s really just a time for these teachers and these educators to show their heart and their passion and all the dedication they put into these extra projects for the classrooms,” said Watson.

“Super excited this is provided some amazing curriculum, some advance, robotics curriculum for middle school kids,” said Meredith Cizlak, Lufkin middle school CTE teacher. She explained how important it is for students to experience different pathways. 

“You know you talk about what you wanna be in and we can research jobs but if I don’t get to put my hands in and try it out then I don’t really know if that something that I want to pick up the pathway in high school,” said Cizlak.

The grants give teachers the opportunity to expand beyond basic academics. Cizlak shared the innovative projects allow kids to experience a different type of lesson in the classroom like diving into technology programming with robots.

“And they struggle purposely trying to solve it and they’re like oh I’m not gonna get it and then they do and you know hands go up and high-fives in and it’s really it’s really wonderful and it brings a lot of joy just to my day,” said Cizlak.

The Lufkin ISD Education Foundation has awarded more than 160 grants, totaling more than $411,000 dollars. The new grant application process is open from March through May this year.