HAWKINS, Texas- (KETK) – New students at Jarvis Christian University are starting their transition to college life. 

“It’s just a very welcoming environment. I feel like everyone is here to help,” said one student moving in. 

Students along with their parents, spent the day doing moving into their dorms. While that can be hectic for some, older students on campus were there to provide a helping hand.  

“I think it’s very important because you have students who come here and their first-generation college students and sometimes, they come from dysfunctional homes or different kind of backgrounds and it’s good to have some type of guidance,” said student Jhavier’ Law. 

While students are enjoying the new transition, the university seems to be making a good impression on parents as well.  

“It’s a smaller school. Great atmosphere,” said parent Angela Roberts. “The spirit here is good and you walk in and people smiling.”  

Along with the students getting a feel for their new home, the school also has its 13th president in the school’s history.  

The new president Dr. Glenell M. Lee-Pruitt has been at the university for 11 years serving as the provost and vice president for academic affairs.  

Lee-Pruitt said it’s a great feeling when all the hard work and dedication you put into something gets recognized.  

“For persons to see the work that you’ve done and feel that you’re able to do it at another level you know it’s always awesome,” she said. 

Lee-Pruitt added it’s an exciting time for her and the freshman class.  

“These are students who we anticipate and were going to work that they’re here for the next four years and so we’re kind of starting out together,” Lee-Pruitt said. 

She added that her and the students will have to lean on each other to get the best out of everyone at the university.