AUSTIN, Texas (KETK) – The Texas Education Agency has launched a learning management system to support schools with remote and in-person instruction during the COVID-19 crisis.

Texas Home Learning 3.0 will be offered to all Texas schools for two years at no cost using CARES Act funding. The system is set up to help teachers, students, and parents access content and communicate at a distance.

The LMS brings together teachers, students, parents, and administrators to provide easy access to classes, assignments, grades, and more, supporting learning in the classroom, at home, or both.  The tool allows parents to track their students’ progress throughout the school year, which is especially useful as many families in Texas choose for their children to receive instruction remotely because of COVID-19.

Texas Education Agency

The system is expected to save school districts up to $40 million and tax payers up to $22 million.

Benefits of the system:

  • Bring Everyone Together—The LMS connects everyone in a school district within a single teaching and learning hub, so parents, students, teachers, can all share resources, answer questions, and stay connected.
  • Keep the Learning Going—Teachers can easily create and/or deliver courses in the LMS that support in-person, online, and blended models–enabling learning to continue regardless of the circumstances in a particular school or district.
  • Save Teachers Time—By eliminating administrative tasks, the LMS gives teachers more time to engage with students and innovate their instruction.
  • Cover all Costs for Texas Schools—As part of the Texas Home Learning 3.0, TEA will fund the LMS for any Texas LEA for two years at no cost to the LEA.

“Texas schools are working mightily to meet the educational needs of millions of kids who will participate in school remotely given the public health situation. TEA is working to provide as much support to school systems as possible, including fully funding schools for remote instruction and providing schools with free, high-end teaching technology so that the remote education experience is effective for our students,” said Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath. “This Learning Management System allows teachers to seamlessly communicate with their students and helps their students stay focused on their lessons while learning from home and will go a long way toward ensuring Texas students continue making major academic gains even during the pandemic.” 

For more information on Texas Home Learning 3.0, click HERE.