TYLER, Texas (KETK) — One of Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency items for this year’s legislative session, is to “create education freedom.”

Parents want to know more surrounding the governor’s new legislative priority and what it means for their children’s future. Gov. Abbott is fully backing school choice this year.

“Parents to take the money, that the government collects for education and allowing for them to choose what educational setting best works for them,” Robert Enlow, the President, and CEO of Edchoice.

According to their website, EdChoice is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to understanding and pursuing a K–12 education system that empowers every family to choose the schooling environment that fits their children’s needs best.”

Many options fall under school choice, and Gov. Abbott supports Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s).

“The taxpayer dollars that the state collects for education and allows the parent to put it on an online platform that is managed by the Department of Education or the department of revenue or some other government agency that allows them to go and customize their child’s education,” said Enlow.

Enlow went on to explain that ESA funds are for multiple uses.

“Go to partially a non-public school, then tutoring or they can get curriculum and then go to a charter school or they can get therapy for their special need children and have homeschool curriculum and give it to them as well,” said Enlow.

School vouchers are another option. “Money following the family, directly to a non-public school,” said Enlow.

Wednesday morning, representatives from nine Smith County school districts like Tyler, Brownsboro, and Lindale are coming together. They’re sharing their concerns on school vouchers specifically and the impact they could have on their districts.

Parent Empowerment Night with Abbott is on Thursday. For more information on the event, click here.