Dialysis Clinic
Nacogdoches, Texas
Dialysis Home Therapies Nurse (RN)

The Dialysis Home Therapies Nurse (RN) coordinates the administrative and clinical aspects of the home dialysis program and communicates with patients and support staff to ensure the highest standards of care.


* Must be a registered nurse and must have at least 12 months’ experience in providing dialysis care.

* Additional 3 months of experience in the special modality for which he/she will provide training preferred.

* Must maintain a current license in the state as a Registered Nurse

* A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are required.


* Creates and maintains appropriate record keeping and documentation of the training and care of all patients in the program in accordance with the guidelines of the ESRD Network, regulatory agencies, the DCI CQI program and the dialysis facility’s policies and procedures.

* Collaborates with members of the medical team on any specific patient care problems, hospitalizations, discharges, modality changes, etc.

* Coordinates home training sessions, clinic visits, patient care conferences, home visits and all clinical and educational activities to assure efficient and productive use of nursing hours and program facilities.

* Reviews labor and materials’ management in an effort to promote and encourage cost effectiveness while maintaining quality care.

* Maintains effective communication of all home program activities with other members of the dialysis facility, the interdisciplinary team and hospital personnel involved with the in-patient care of home dialysis patients (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, laboratory, etc.).

* Monitors patient care parameters on an ongoing basis.

* Performs all functions and duties outlined in the registered nurse job description.

* Substitutes for personnel on an “as needed” basis; initiates, monitors and terminates dialysis, as necessary.

Dialysis Clinic nursing staff has helped DCI achieve the lowest mortality and hospitalization rates among large dialysis providers for the past 13 years in a row. Dialysis therapy Nurses make a difference in their patients’ lives by helping them live longer and achieve a better quality of life and they are looking for those who would like to join and make a difference.