Clements Fluids

Henderson, TX

Maintenance Technician

Preventive Maintenance

* Adhere to a rigorous PM Schedule for all Plant Equipment to include but not limited to;
– Centrifugal Pumps
– Pump Motors;
     – Diesel
     – Electric
– Forklifts
– Portable Mixing Units
– Tanks (Carbon Steel, Fiberglass) – Valves, Piping manifolds, etc.

Trouble Shooting
* Systematically troubleshoot mechanical failures to determine sources of malfunctions and inefficiencies
Major/Minor Repairs
* Rebuilding Centrifugal pumps
    – Installing/Swapping out Centrifugal Pumps
* Diesel Engine Repairs and Rebuilds
* Minor electrical repairs
* Minor welding, fitting, fabrication
* Valve replacement
* General routine repairs

Lead, train, and assist:
* Lead plant techs in assisting you with projects
* Train plant techs to look for and repair equipment as their help is needed
* Guide plant techs in proper techniques and skills required to complete projects
* Instruct and help in completion of maintenance projects