Dwell Realty

Whitehouse, TX

Real Estate Sales Representative

Job Responsibilities:
– Help clients prepare their home to be placed on the market.
– Assist clients in the home search process by taking them to home showings and open houses.
– Mediate during sales and purchasing negotiations to advocate for clients’ best interests.
– Become an expert in your local real estate market and stay informed of recent home sales.
– Craft unique marketing materials to advertise your real estate services.
– Advise your clients on how to stage and sell their home quickly and profitably.

Working Here

As an office, we will…

– Empower you by tapping into our vast brand and market presence throughout the community.
– Share our supportive workplace culture with you to help you meet your clients’ needs.
– Compensate you competitively and support you in building your portfolio.

* Full Commission (often $50000 – $100000 / year)

* While a real estate license is not required to apply, you must obtain a real estate license before officially being hired.