Eastman Chemical Company

Longview, TX

Maintenance Apprentice – Maintenance Support Mechanic

The Maintenance Support Mechanic responsibilities are primarily focused in fixed equipment and may include but not limited to:
Dismantle, repair, make adjustments to, overhaul, erect, install, assemble, fabricate and service mechanical equipment and process piping equipment throughout the plant
Determine replacement part needs for repair, develop repair recommendations, identify material specifications and assure new parts meet specifications
Supports rotating equipment and troubleshooting related projects lead by General Maintenance Mechanics
When necessary, can perform specialized skills related to machinist/assembly repairs
Detect faulty equipment by inspection, testing, or general knowledge of the work

Use computers to:
Access procedures and other information
Access and complete required training
Input/retrieve data
Look at BOMs (Bill of Material) in SAP

Training Requirements (after reporting to work):
Complete apprenticeship program that includes:
classroom (books, hands-on labs, tests) – this portion is done primarily on the apprentice’s own time.
on-the-job training
on-going satisfactory performance