Arp, TX
Express Employment Professionals
Industrial Painter


– Painting buildings, houses, or cars.
– Cleaning surfaces prior to layering paint.
– Maintaining technical equipment for the job and ensuring that they are in working order.
– Possessing a wide array of painting tools, including thin and thick brushes, airbrushes, and rollers.
– Safely disposing of chemical waste.
– Ensuring that high safety standards are met.
– Utilizing different painting techniques based on the nature of the surface.
– Utilizing special safety equipment such as painting goggles.
– Using viscosity cups and thickness gauges to measure the amount of paint to be used and the texture of the paint.
– Removing previous paint surfaces using masking or a chemical rinse.
– Painting small items and doing touch-ups.
– Ensuring proper ventilation after the paint is applied.
– Utilizing electroplating equipment to coat metal.
– Polishing metallic surfaces.
– Painting over woods and plastics.


– Experience painting a variety of surface types.
– Proficiency with technical machinery.
– Physical strength to operate machinery.
– Diligence and attention to detail.
– Excellent dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
– Good organizational skills.
– Good verbal communication.