HPC Industrial

Kilgore, TX

Environmental Technician II

Essential duties:

* Responsible for safety policies and procedures of both the company and the customer, including hands-on information regarding operations, safety, equipment, emergency response and administrative functions.
* Hands-on operation of manual and automated hydroblasting equipment.
* Operation of special equipment, such as Ultra High-Pressure pumps.
* Operate equipment by energizing the pumping equipment and/or any specialized Hydroblasting and/or Chemical cleaning equipment, vacuum trucks and cutting equipment being used on the job.
* May be required to examine surface cleaned to ensure conformance to company and customer expectations.
* Conduct routine and required maintenance on the unit and all peripherals, including industrial vacuuming equipment and the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
* Perform routine maintenance on company equipment being used on the job.

Working Environment:

* Industrial setting, refinery, petrochemical, utilities, pulp and paper mills, etc.

Educational requirements:

* High school diploma / GED or equivalent experience.

Skills and experience:

* Specific vocational preparation including classroom safety training, on-the-job training and essential experience gained on other jobs.
Language proficiency: understand English at a level to comprehend safety training and respond to instructions in emergency situations.
* Valid driver license and other requirements of company’s driving policy required when driving company vehicle or using personal vehicle on company business.
* OSHA certification may be required for this job.
* Must be knowledgeable in the operation of emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers.
* May have to provide Federal Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC).