Jaguar Transport Holdings, LLC

Rusk, TX

Locomotive Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

* Maintain and rebuild steam and diesel locomotives for use on the excursion train
* Must have a working knowledge of train operations, current 49CFR242 and/or 49CFR240 qualifications preferred.
* Must be able to think quickly on the job and safely perform the duties assigned.
* Must understand air brake and mechanical system of a train and locomotives and pass a written test to verify competency.
* Inspect, service, and maintain daily tourist operations to ensure a successful trip.
* Perform car maintenance and repair functions, including daily and periodic inspections and repair
* Operate and fire locomotives and utilize proper practices in their operation
* Communicate effectively verbally and in writing with team members, customers, and management
* Collaborate with other members of team to ensure an efficient operation

Position Qualifications:

* High School Diploma or equivalent required
* Three (3) years of experience in the steam locomotive mechanical field preferred
* Must possess a valid driver’s license
* Available be able to travel, including holidays
* Basic knowledge of electrical and mechanical equipment and repair
* Must be able to work any day of week depending on workload and requirements
* Must be able to climb ladders, use hand tools, operate a locomotive, and worked in confined spaces such as inspections pits, generator rooms, and electrical cabinets
* Must also be committed to promoting a safe workplace
* Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
* Able to work outside in all weather conditions
* Must be able to climb inside and outside of equipment, and be able to operate heavy equipment, cranes, forklifts, jacking equipment and specialty equipment


* Medical Insurance

* Dental insurance

* Vision insurance

* 401(k)