Henderson, TX
Insurance Sales Agent

Conducting interviews, recommending products, closing sales, and using our Family Security Selling System
Continuously prospecting for sales opportunities
Collecting premiums from policyholders, based on a pre-arranged schedule
Responding promptly to policyholder service requests such as beneficiary changes, claims, loans, etc.
Keeping records, accounting for money collected, and processing paperwork


Increase the agency size
Build good working relationships with customers
Devote whatever time is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position
Commit to ongoing development of knowledge and skills


An established business – New agents pay nothing for an established agency, which has a built-in clientele of loyal policyholders
Pay for performance – A chance to write their own paycheck with increasing income opportunity as skills and knowledge grow
Job stability – Employment in a field where there is an increasing need of qualified professionals
Prestige – Recognition in the community as a respected professional
Advancement – The potential for future promotion to a management position
Personal Satisfaction – Knowing that they are doing meaningful work when they help others protect the people they love