La Madeleine

Tyler, TX

Pastry Prep

The pastry prep associate prepares recipes and ingredients while maintaining high standards of food quality and food safety to guarantee guest satisfaction. 100% compliance to food safety standards, recipes and procedures is essential. Ensures pastry items are prepared in the amount as directed by management.

Qualification Standards
Stands/works/moves during entire shift with frequent bending and stooping. Lifts and carries sacks and cases of up to 30 lbs. multiple times per shift.
Be able to acknowledge hazards such as broken glass, burns, slipping, and tripping.
Able to work with different types of kitchen equipment including, but not limited to: convection ovens, stand mixers, knives, propane torch and pastry bags.
Be able to read menu items and understand ticket orders.
Works frequently in hot and cold environments.
Be able to hear and communicate with managers, associates, and guests in the midst of loud background noises.
Be able to pass recipe and food quality tests as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Must be able to perform multiple tasks while maintaining required standards of operation in daily restaurant activities.
Must be able to perform duties to ensure guest satisfaction. Work in a busy environment, under pressure while maintaining a high level of customer service and correcting any guest food issues.
Produce all items 100% to recipe specifications within the standard preparation time frame to ensure guest satisfaction and control food costs. Follow the procedure for recipe execution as stated in the la Madeleine Operations Guide.