Management & Training Corporation

Henderson, TX

Vocational Instructor – Carpentry

Essential Functions:

* Deliver individualized competency based instruction through classroom and laboratory management in the occupation program areas taught to inmates
* Develop performance objectives and criterion-referenced tests in accordance with established program content, incorporate written and skill assessments.
* Utilize appropriate audio and visual teaching materials individualized to the specific need of the offender
* Assess student performance
* Participate in staff conferences in an endeavor to develop and improve education al programs
* Review, select and adapt instructional materials to help individuals reach mastery of the competencies required for entry, advancement, and upgrading occupations.
* Plan activities to efficiently initiate budget request to assure that all equipment, supplies and materials are available to support a progressive training schedule.
* Monitor motivation, discipline and learning difficulties to bring about positive changes in the behavior of offenders.
* Execute all applicable forms to adhere to facility procedures.
* Promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate behaviors and intervening when inappropriate behaviors are observed
* Maintain accountability of inmates and property; adhere to safety practices.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Must meet Windham School District (WSD) and State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) certification requirements for area of assignment


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university and three (3) years of full-time, wage-earning experience with the last eight (8) years, in the subject content area of assignment


High School Diploma from an accredited high school, or gold a GED equivalent and five (5) years of full-time, wage-earning experience with the last eight (8) years in the subject area of assignment.