Winona, TX
Midway Group
Zipps Liquor Team Member

What Truly Matters

– You take initiative and don’t wait to be told what to do next

– Be a team player

– You can think ahead and organize/stock inventory for store demands

– You care about building relationships with customers that will come to you again and again

– You take pride in your store and view its cleanliness and success as a reflection of yourself

– You can sell ice to an eskimo (a nice plus!)

Have the above? Honestly, you’ll do great, and we can train everything else.


– Performing store opening and closing duties

– Maintaining an extremely clean and organized shopping space

– Stocking products in a timely manner to fit customer demands

– Building relationships with customers and be able to up-sell to boost sales

* Pay: $10 hourly
* Part-Time
* Benefits: Medical