M&S Pharmacy

Nacogdoches, TX


Essential Job Duties:

* Consistently models our core values.

* Provides exceptional customer service according to the customer core process and company mission.

* Retrieves prescription from pharmacy area to checkout customer at a register.

* Makes change, cashes checks, and issues receipts or tickets to customers.

* Demonstrates proficient use of the cash register hardware, point of sale software, as well as prescription processing software to service the customer’s needs.

* Bags and hangs prescriptions in the will-call bin area being careful to note specific storage instructions for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated items.

* Demonstrates a positive attitude and sense of urgency while checking customers out at the register while also balancing other tasks assigned.

* Coordinates with other cashiers to make sure that the will-call bin is alphabetized daily.

* Quotes price and describes features of items or prescriptions for which money is received.

* Clearly communicates notes or other details pertinent to the prescription to the customer in a concise and courteous fashion.

* Obtains a pharmacist for patient counseling when required and requested.

* Efficiently answers phone calls in the cashier area according to the customer core process.

* Knows when to direct questions to the appropriate ancillary staff member.

* Tends to the needs of customers in the waiting area and is constantly keeping track of who has been waiting and for how long. The cashier will be in communication with the waiting customer alerting them to estimated wait times, etc., in order to avoid frustration and unmet expectations.

* Participates in weekly level 10 meetings and training seminars.

* Demonstrates understanding of Accountability chart.

* Maintains a safe and clean pharmacy cashier area by complying with pharmacy policies & procedures as well as state and federal regulations.

* Able to locate important pharmacy documents and records required to be kept on the premises.

* Protects patients and employees by adhering to FWA and HIPAA training and protocols.

* Replenishes work station supplies such as bags, oral syringes, and paper.

* Partners with other pharmacy staff to accomplish closing duties checklist as requested/delegated.

Basic computer skills
Basic math skills
People skills

Job Type: Full-time
* Monday to Friday
* Weekend availability

Pay: $10.00 per hour

* 401(k)
* Dental insurance
* Employee discount
* Health insurance
* Paid time off
* Vision insurance