Winnsboro, TX
Team Worldwide
Software Programmer

General Requirements

* 3+ years of experience with software development
* Experience with version control (GIT) and code management systems
* Working knowledge of MySQL to include table design to 4NF
* Firm grasp of OOP concepts and their implementation

Detailed Requirements

* 1+ years of relevant experience developing web applications and/or REST APIs using PHP
* 1+ years of experience in frontend web development
* Experience in developing modern web interfaces using HTML, CSS and Javascript
* Familiarity with frontend Javascript frameworks such as Vue
* Experience developing user interfaces given mockups / wireframes
* Experience interfacing with 3rd party APIs in the browser using asynchronous Javascript requests
* Experience with simple database transactions using PDO and MySQLi
* Familiarity with Javascript frameworks such as JQuery
* Experience developing within popular PHP frameworks such as Symfony
* Experience with testing acceptance and unit testing across multiple browsers and devices