Vistra Corporate Services Company

Tatum, TX

Protection and Control Technician Senior

Key Accountabilities:

*Maintenance of all Plant protective relaying and associated control circuits (including testing, calibration, functional tests, trouble shooting, and installation of upgrades), such as:

*Generator relaying

*Main Power Transformer, Unit Auxiliary Transformer, Start-up/Standby Transformer relaying

*All medium voltage switchgear relaying and transfer schemes

*Plant/Switchyard interface relaying

*Maintenance of Plant Metering:

*MWh metering calibrations and upgrade installations

*Voltage, current, watt, var, and frequency transducer calibrations and testing of associated equipment

*Maintenance of ancillary equipment:

*Emergency bearing oil pump test

*Current transformer megger test

*Outage support:

*Interface with plant I&C personnel

Education, Experience, & Skill Requirements:

*High school diploma or equivalent

*Completion of all PSD requirements in the P&C S*T*A*R program

*Completion of all PSD requirements in the P&C S*T*A*R program and six (6) years as a P&C Technician or acceptable job related experience.

*Significant amount of time in the field performing P&C services

*Routine travel away from home

*Extended work hours

*Strenuous physical effort such as climbing, lifting, temperature extremes, and dusty environment.

Key Metrics:

*Interface with outside contractors

*Provide and/or support problem solving using trouble-shooting skills and recorder data

*Lead new installation wiring verification, checkout, and functional test

*Revise and maintain all associated drawings

*Conducts diagnostic tests on generation facilities’ electrical equipment (ie: Generator CTs, PTs, and ancillary equipment).

* Install, calibrate, and maintain equipment associated with data acquisition and remote telemetry to support required ERCOT and NERC protocols