Texas Forest Service plans large prescribed burn near Lufkin


Texas Forest Service conducts a prescribed burn to eliminate excessive overgrowth. (Courtesy)

LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – Texas Forest Service will be burning off excessive overgrowth on property it owns west of Lufkin this month.

“Smoke will be visible in the Hudson and Lufkin areas and residents of Hortons Hollow Road might see the burn and experience some smoke,” said information from TFS.

The TSF has not released the specific dates that the burn-off will take place.

The goals of the “prescribed burn” are to reduce the risk of potential wildfires, improving the property’s appearance and enhancing the habitat for wildlife.

Prescribed burning helps reduce fuel loading,” said Connor Murnane, a district forester with the Texas A&M Forest Service. “We see fuel as a woody, shrubby or herbaceous species that can easily burn.”

“For a long time, we excluded fire,” said Chris Schenck, the State Fire Program Leader for the wildlife division of Texas Parks and Wildlife. “At the turn of the 20th century, we looked at fighting fires as almost the moral equivalent of war.”

 “One of the immediate positive results of any prescribed fire is forage production and habitat improvement,” added Schenck. “Better feed means better care and capacity for the land, and therefore greater diversity of species, both wild and domestic.”

Eliminating excess “fuel” reduces the risk and severity of potential wildfires, said the TFS. If there’s not enough brush or grass on the ground for a fire to feed on, it won’t get as hot or as big, and it’s less likely for the flames to reach the canopy of trees.

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