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TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Amanda Tornberg and Samantha Mellville stopped by East Texas Live on Wednesday to share information about their mission.

“Me and our other cofounder Amanda Rucker were talking, she thought of this idea of the grace that our brokenness actually is. That God brings us to these points of brokenness… it’s our brokenness that leads us to Him,” said Tornberg.

Tornberg said that the driving force of their organization is for women to know that there is hope and healing in the midst of brokenness.

“Whether it’s addiction or grief or abuse. We want to be an avenue for women to experience hope and healing through the relationship with Jesus Christ,” said Tornberg.

Graciously Broken Ministries was recognized by the Sloan Law Firm.

Melville said they love what Sloan Law Firm does in the community in Longview.

“We’re just so grateful that they are advocates for organizations like ours who are helper organizations, so we’re just really grateful for them,” said Melville.

For more information about Graciously Broken Ministries, click here. They are launching a new program in September for “any woman with any struggle.”