BRUSSELS, Belgium (NBC) – A Belgian businessman is putting faces in face masks.

Using a photo booth, software and a mobile phone app, Charles de Bellefroid is producing masks that have the lower half of the wearer’s features printed on them.

He came up with the idea after Belgium’s COVID-19 lockdown reduced to zero the revenue of his company.

Clients can have their mask printed immediately in supermarkets.

“The smiling mask is about giving the opportunity to people to wear a mask that actually enables them to (show) some emotions – positive emotions – and to be able to recognize in front of their peers,” said de Bellfroid, founder of Smiling Mask.

The company also developed an app so that anybody can get their smile on a mask.

After placing an order, customers get a link for the app that lets them take a picture of their face and send it to the firm’s website.

The mask then arrives in the mail a few days later.

De Bellefroid says the masks costs about $23 and can be washed up to 10 times.