East Texas health experts share advice as cold and flu season begin


TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Cold and flu season is starting.

This may cause people to get sick. There are also some who suffer from allergies, and these illnesses may cause some concern during a pandemic.

“The last two years has kind of made us all think that when we have a sniffle or a fever that it might be COVID,” said Sonny Krezdorn, pharmacist and owner of Rose City Pharmacy.

Even though COVID-19 is continuing to spread, the infections that existed pre-pandemic are still in the air.

“Regular 24 hour viruses, (the) flu bug, (the) cold; they still exist and we still get those,” said Krezdorn.

He also mentioned when you feel a sickness coming on, your local pharmacy is always ready to answer questions, especially now.

“Your pharmacist can be a pretty good resource there to help you navigate whether it’s allergies or if it’s a cold, or if it’s something you need to be a little more concerned about,” said Krezdorn.

It’s easy to confuse allergies with something more serious.

Someone with allergies will have typical cold symptoms like sore throat and runny nose, but they won’t have a fever. A fever can be a sign of infection, and Krezdorn suggests going to a doctor if your fever lasts more than a day or two.

“When it comes to things like strep or bacterial infections, which are ramping up this time of year as well, those are going to require an antibiotic,” added Krezdorn.

Taking a COVID-19 test just in case is also recommended.

“You don’t want to just blow it off because you think oh it’s just a cold. You should still get tested if you have you know a fever, if you have any of the symptoms that correlate with COVID,” said Krezdorn.

Testing is also becoming easier.

Rose City Pharmacy offers a take-home COVID-19 test that will send results right to your phone.

“It links to a clinical app that’ll give you a result that is valid, that’s useful for travel or work,” said Krezdorn.

Also remember that rest is important to combat any sickness.

Many illnesses are contagious, so if you’re sick doctors and pharmacists also advise you stay home.

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