SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – People can now add Smith County to the list of regional medical centers in our state.

A new COVID-19 infusion center was designed in the county after it was approved by the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

It’s a place for people who have the virus to get treatment with antibodies.

This was created with the goal of giving relief to hospitals that are seeing an increase in patients, especially in the ICUs.

“Make contact with your doctor. You’re able to get the referral ,get the treatment that you need in order to avoid a worse situation down the road,” said Wes Rapaport, with the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

State leaders mentioned they want to give Texas hospitals as much relief as they possibly can.

“Receive this treatment and then go home as opposed to taking up space in a hospital or preventing other people from getting into that hospital setting,” said Wes Rapaport, Texas Division of Emergency Management.

The medical staff will be able to treat up to 60 people each day.

Patients need to be at least 12 years or older, weigh at least 88 pounds and have symptoms for at least ten days.

But how do these antibodies work to fight the virus?

“These are medicines that are basically against the virus itself. It’s not an anti-biotic it’s an antibody which your body does produce when it gets interacted with a pathogen such as a virus,” said Dr. Ranjit Dhelaria, a Texas physician.

How fast does the treatment work?

“The true affect is seen 24, 48 hours after the infusion,” said Dhelaria.

Doctors also stated this treatment is not a substitute for getting the vaccine.