DALLAS (NewsNation Now) — Living in the time of COVID-19, there are so many questions and concerns in regards to health and safety. Many Americans are asking themselves: Is it safe to travel? Should I send my child to the classroom? What about the workplace? A Dallas-area firm is hoping to allay some of those fears.

BioScience just produced a sanitizing surface spray, and it’s the first and only to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Where Texas goes, so goes the nation,” said Jessica Hilton with Allied BioScience.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, in the time of coronavirus, that has also applied to COVID-19 counts. Allied BioScience is now attacking the pernicious pandemic hands-on.

“This is the first-ever approved disinfectant that has this ongoing kill mechanism — safe for humans, safe for surfaces,” said Hilton. “There’re almost 500 products that can kill COVID, however, none of them have longer than a momentary effect.”

Two weeks ago, in a White House press briefing, the EPA issued the first and only approval of a coronavirus-combatting surface sanitizer to the Plano company.

It’s called Surface Wise 2, and it’s a potent combination of ingredients most Americans can already find in products at home with a low toxicity.

“That means it’s not flammable, there are no gases, its non-sensitizing, it’s not an inhalation issue or a skin or eye irritant,” said Hamilton.

A breath of fresh air for worried Americans, especially following the FDA’s release of 174 hazardous sanitizers. Allied BioScience CEO Mike Ruley says his company pivoted research and development from bacterial to viral when the pandemic emerged.

“It’s affected every way of life in our country and our world,” said Ruley. “So the responsibility on us was huge. And once we knew it worked on viruses, and we tested it on the virus that causes COVID-19, we knew we had something really unique and special.”

The undetectable product is touted to last for 90 days. American Airlines already has already agreed to use the spray on its entire fleet.

“Thanks to rigorous evaluations conducted by the experienced professionals at the EPA, the American Airlines team and Allied BioScience, our multitiered program will become even stronger at safeguarding our customers and team members from viruses such as coronavirus and the flu,” said David Seymour, American’s Chief Operating Officer.

Orthopedic offices across Texas are also on board. Up next, Hilton says the groundbreaking technology will transcend to all places with people and surfaces.

“Schools, public transit, hospitals, prison systems, assisted living,” she said. “It needs to happen because we’re going to keep seeing waves of reemergence and we have a solution at the ready.”