SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – One woman was injured in a Monday night crash in the Bullard area on FM 346 at Olivia Lane after her car flipped into a nearby pond.

According to Bullard Fire Chief Peter Riley, that area of FM 346 has seen several similar wrecks due to the road’s sharp turns.

Bullard Fire was called to the scene of a crash where a car was flipped upside down around 11:40 p.m., and Riley said before they got there, two Bullard teenagers had climbed into the pond and turned the car on its side allowing the woman to breathe while first responders were on their way.

“We ran out here and Kyle hopped in immediately. I went to get a hammer and crowbar,” said Sheane Congo, the high school junior who helped save the woman.

Derek Bowers, high school junior, said he remembers seeing a look of relief on the woman’s face when she was rescued.

“They were the real heroes here,” Riley said. “Smith County did a great job responding and we had a great turnout to the scene.”

Riley said that Bullard Fire responded with two engines and eight personnel to the scene. A water rescue technician team of four personnel, three of which were women, assisted in pulling the woman out of the 40 degree water, according to Riley.

“I jumped in the water and tried opening the door but the doors were obviously locked and the handles were broken, so we decided to turn the car on its side to hopefully get a better angle from it,” said Bowers.

Flint Fire was able to get on top of the car, and pop the door before officials said the woman was taken by EMS to a hospital for treatment.

In addition to Bullard Fire and as a part of Smith County ESD, Flint Fire, Battalion 1, Captain 1 and EMS all responded to the scene.

“As soon as we heard the location we knew exactly where it was at because we have worked so many calls there before and we’ve worked so many calls in that pond before,” said Riley.

Riley said he is working with the city hall to recognize the students for their selflessness.

“In this situation, if they hadn’t reacted in that moment, it would be a totally different incident that we would be responding to,” said Riley.