UPDATE- A man suffered non-life-threatening injuries during an officer-involved shooting on Wednesday.

Troup police said said they received a “credible report” that a man with mental health issues was planning a mass shooting at a local business.

Law enforcement tried to call the man around 1:20 p.m., but he did not respond so officers went to the residence.

They knocked on the door, and he stuck a pistol in the officer’s face, said police. The officer fell back, fired a weapon and struck the man several times, said law enforcement.

The officer is doing OK and will be placed on administrative leave because this is standard procedure. Hendrix asked the public to pray for the man and the officer.

“This is not a good situation for anyone involved,” said Hendrix.

The man was not previously involved in any similar incidents, and he will be in custody after he is released from the hospital, said officers.

Police filled out a peace officer’s warrant to evaluate the man’s mental health. The Texas Rangers will also now handle the criminal investigation.

Law enforcement said there is no longer a threat to the public.

TROUP, Texas (KETK) – A person was injured in an officer-involved shooting on Wednesday in Troup, said the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. on 510 South Railroad Street. Law enforcement officers were not hurt.

The Troup Police Department and the sheriff’s office responded to the shooting.

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